Living Life on The VEG

2020 will forever stand out in most of our minds for the new life inside of the COVID pandemic. But for me, it will forever be remembered as the year that I finally let FAT go, once and for all! Fat has never been something that I have limited in my diet and when I say never, I really mean NEVER! Especially, as a chef, I have always found fat to be a crucial part of any recipe to create balance in my dishes and recipes. But even eating a completely plant based diet, which included numerous different kinds of fresh probiotic laced fermented foods every day, my body still declined, leaving me bed ridden and incapable to function on my own. Desperate and distraught, I turned to Medical Medium and began following his protocols for the 3:6:9 cleanse and removed all fats, salts, vinegars & fermented things. After seeing immediate results, my entire family (husband and 2 daughters) have joined me on the quest to be virus and toxin free. We are adjusting to the new lifestyle and I am regaining strength as my body heals everyday! Stay tuned for our exciting new fat-free recipes from living life on the ✌EG! #@medicalmedium #livinglifeontheveg #vegan #plantbased #glutenfree #plantsmakepeoplehappy #cuisinautscrEATe

Little Liza Pane

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