You Guac my World! 2019

‘You Guac my World!’, the First Annual keiki guacamole ‘GUAC-OFF’ competition was a delicious success! The competition was formidable with a total of 9 entries: 7 individual contestants and two teams. All came prepared with the necessary tools as well as their arsenal of secret ingredients in order to complete their original guacamole recipes. The event started with a little discussion on avocados and just how incredible the selection is here in Hawaii with over 200 original varieties from different parts of the world and now upwards of 3000 varieties. We also discussed the amazing benefits of the various properties found in the avocado leaves, culminating in a tutorial on how to make a hot herbal infusion we call ‘Tiki Tisane’. Then the timer was set and the Guacsters began to Guac! Off they raced to gather their avocados (provided by Hovegrown and Cooks Bounty Fruit Stand) and commenced dicing, chopping and mixing their culinary masterpieces. Some contestants took advantage of the pantry provided by Rama Farms and The Fermented Chef while some brought their own ingredients to create their own unique flavor. While the keiki were up to their elbows in avos, Alex Williamson (of The Bee Boys in Na’alehu) armed with microphone in hand, interviewed each contestant about their ‘secret’ techniques and their recipe development process. Each entry had to include a title and ingredients list and had to be completed in under 30 minutes. Once the contestants completed and delivered their creations to the judges table, the keiki then formed a band of sorts, shaking maracas, a tambourine and their bodies to the beautiful voice of Maria Schenker while she filled the air with Mariachi songs. Back in the judges corner our four guest judges; Alex Williamson (mentioned earlier), Marilynn Rose, Alex Alexander (OVCC BOD) and AVOCADRA (Healthy choice heroine Owner Herbivores Restaurant in Kailua) considered each entry for three sets of criteria: taste, originality and presentation. While scores were tallied, each contender was given a certificate of participation and winners were announced. Prizes were awarded: third place went to Kaila & Saskia for ‘Guamole’, second place went to Orion for ‘The Guacanater’ and first went to Aelyn, Thayden, Theresa & Gannon Fitzgerald, for ‘A Tribute to the Best Vegan Guac in the World’! Then everyone got to sample the delectable results, talk story and take pictures with Avocadra! All were then invited to help themselves to the remaining avocados, avocado keiki plants and branches full of avocado leaves to take home to experiment with in their own kitchens. This was an incredible experience and I am blown away by the enthusiasm of our keiki contestants and the overwhelming support of our Big Island Community. Mahalo A Nui Loa to all the families, keiki participants, extra family members, guest audience and every sponsor involved that made this event a success for our homeschooling families. Big shout out to the sponsors mentioned above as well as the following:
Crooked C Ranch- printed aprons/ Dream out loud-tie dye/Barbara Sarbin- prizes/Dee Iolani Hawk-avocados/Mr. Kneel- PA system/ Marty Marsh-photography/
Herbivores Restaurant-guest audience/ Randyl Ruper-guest audience/
DeeDee Bodine-guest audience/Bill Kinney-guest audience/James Klein-guest audience

Little Liza Pane

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