Cuisinauts Evolve into Medical Medium.

Aloha fellow Cuisinauts, howzit? You may be wondering why our site looks so empty or why all the recipes are now private? Well, we are experiencing a complete revision of our recipes and our life, as our recipes are from our daily lifestyle and revolve around what we consume and that has all changed drastically in the past several months since discovering the Medical Medium books by Anthony William. Now we understand more about our guts and what truly is going on. And let me tell you, fermented foods are not the answer! Although we really did love the flavors we are no longer eating any fermented things in our daily routines because they are actually quite damaging to our bodies. This reality became more and more evident as we increased our consumption all the while thinking we were making good healthy choices for our family. Instead our health declined. I personally gained weight while completely plant based… and eating ferments at every meal caused my symptoms of dis-ease to worsen! We also noticed our girls’ health declining and their teeth decaying at a rapid rate. Chester’s symptoms of depression and body aches and pains worsened as well. What? How can this be? Because these foods are actually quite damaging to our bodies which we have come to learn through MM information. So that brings us to this cross-roads where everything must be revised to reflect our new lifestyle and this takes a considerable amount of effort. At this point we have been following MM protocol for about 6 months as a family and me a little longer. And, yes, we are noticing a difference already in every one of us but we understand that healing is a long term commitment and we all have a long way to go. As we heal and our energy increases we will be able to work on our website to include and reflect our new choices that are making the difference. Most of these recipes stem directly from the MM recipes he shares in his books but some will still be our original crEATions. As we heal we are excited to share our journey with you hopefully to encourage you on your healing path and to know that healing is possible. At this time I personally am experiencing relief from over 30 symptoms and can honestly say I am so excited for the year to come as I fully embrace the power of healing my body. Without Anthony William none of this would be possible and I just want to say we are forever grateful for his life saving information. If you are suffering from debilitating symptoms or are living on mattress island then I would highly encourage you to find the Medical Medium books and read them ASAP. They are relatively inexpensive to order new on Amazon or used from different suppliers online. Still I understand if that’s even too much, even Anthony himself recommends seeking out your local library where you can rent the books for free because he’s not interested in selling you a book, instead his interest lies in getting the information to you so you too can make the changes to heal your body. One other way to get ahold of the books through your library is called the Libby App which allows you to download selections right to your device for free, which we use in our homeschooling everyday and yes MM books are on the app and yes that’s how I was able to read the books before I could afford purchasing my own copies to have as a reference resource at my fingertips. So don’t freak out because our site looks so bare, we are still here and will be posting our new and improved Cuisinauts crEATe material just as soon as we can. We truly appreciate your patience and continued support while we transition from The Fermented Chef into our new healthy lifestyle! Happy healing, happy crEATing and many blessings to each and everyone of you! Love Liza❣

Little Liza Pane

Liza Pane is an intuitive healer, supporting unique individuality & wellness with plant-based nutrition & energy healing.

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