Greetings fellow Cuisinauts and welcome to The Fermented Chef! Thank you so much for stopping by! My name is Liza. Needless to say, I like food…and I really like good food! Food that tastes great, that nurtures our bodies and comforts and soothes us, that nourishes us thereby bringing balance and mitigating the dis-ease that plagues so many of us today. Plant-based food that is as pure and clean as possible. I enjoy creating food that is fun, that mixes new ideas with classics and that is always infused with love. And, as the name of this site alludes, I adore cooking with ferments! At an event a friend once joked to others “…don’t stand in one place too long or Liza might ferment you…” And that’s how I became known as “The Fermented Chef”. So, although my creations are by no means limited to ferments, you will quite frequently find them employed in my recipes both for their nutritional value as well as their flavor profile.

A powerful impetus for creating the plant-based recipes you will find here is my hypersensitive 9-year-old daughter Mikki. She reacts severely to so many things commonly found in processed foods such as processed sugars, gluten, dyes and other artificial additives. Worse yet, it seems the list continues to lengthen as she grows and develops. It is heartbreaking to watch my usually playful, social and kind-hearted 9-year-old begin crying hysterically simply because of something she has eaten. Furthermore it is very challenging to participate in so-called “normal” activities when one reacts to almost everything served at birthday parties and social events. Although we do love vegetable crudité, it gets old without any plant-based dip! Therefore we began the practice of preparing and packing our own food wherever we go.  Many of the TFC recipes you will encounter here were specifically inspired and developed to help Mikki enjoy food and tasty treats that are not only yummy but also nutritionally superior to their processed counterparts! And you know what? Before we knew it, our entire family of four had also converted to this cleaner, healthier gluten-free, plant-based diet!

A  big part of my motivation for creating this site and recording these recipes is to share with others what is working for me and my family. Whether you are someone who desperately needs to make similar dietary changes, are preparing food for someone who does or are just looking for a fresh alternative to add to your recipe cadre, hopefully you will discover something here at TFC to incorporate into your diet. I also intend to join the growing legion of herbivorous foodies who are dispelling, with their marvelous new recipes, the stigma that plant-based food tastes like cardboard or the belief that our bodies require animal protein to thrive and be healthy. In other words, it is my intention to create and share “Really good food that is Really good for you!”

Love Liza

Liza is a formally trained chef who now specializes in therapeutic, probiotic cuisine. She is a mother to five who currently lives in an off-grid tiny cabin on the Central Oregon coast with her partner Chester and two youngest children, daughters Mikki and Minnie.

Update: Following an evacuation from the Big Island of Hawaii to the Central Oregon Coast due to the volcanic eruption, Liza, Chester, Mikki and Shaka have now happily returned to their tropical island headquarters!

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