Easy Vegan Miso Mayonnaise
A Thick Creamy Probiotic-infused Mayo Substitute!

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Easy Vegan Miso Mayonnaise

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Adjust Servings:
¾ cup Chickpea liquid Strain the liquid from the chickpeas. Save chickpeas for later use.
½ teaspoon Mustard powder I prefer using a chinese hot mustard powder.
½ teaspoon Sea salt
½ teaspoon Fresh cracked black pepper
1½ Tablespoon Worcestershire sauce Gluten-free
1-2 cloves Garlic cloves
1 Tablespoon Miso I like Miso Masters Organic Chickpea which is also gluten-free.
2-3 teaspoons Lemon juice Can substitute Apple Cider Vinegar.
2¼ cups Avocado oil Any nuetral flavored oil should work here. My favorites are almond or avocado.
2 Tablespoons Virgin olive oil Substitute with neutral flavored oil if you don't care for the olive flavor.

Quick and Easy Probiotic Vegan Mayo Substitute!




Aloha Fellow Cuisinauts™!

There are so many things that stick in the palatial labyrinth of my tastebud’s flavor profile memory that are so much better (in appearance, taste and nutritive value) when prepared with fresh, high-quality ingredients by loving hands at home!

Tortillas? Pasta? Hummus? Lemonade? Chocolate! And even Water!😁 But there is one thing that I had, until now, struggled to recreate with satisfactory results.


Making a great Vegan Mayonnaise has been high on my recipe ‘to do’ list for quite some time. For one thing, the only acceptable plant-based, vegan facsimile available here in Alohaland costs nearly $15 per quart! I don’t know about you, but in my culinary repertoire, Mayo enters the picture frequently enough to run up the national debt! Especially when Chester insists on spooning copious dollops onto each and every one of his raw or steamed broccolli or cauliflower tree-lettes.

Well, allow me to let you in on a once ‘secret’ vegan trick that really isn’t so clandestine anymore:

Aquafaba. I love this word. Do you mind if I say it again: Aqua-Fah-Bah. It just rolls off (or onto) the tongue like a luscious Aioli.


Sorry! I can’t stop saying it!!!


Also known as the liquid by-product created while cooking garbanzo beans, this Aquafaba (translated: beanwater) is the miraculous plant-based ingredient in this Miso-Mayo-Aioli.

Now that I know about this vegan liquid silver, I can’t believe I ever paid so much for an item that is actually so ludicrously simple to initiate…and of such a superior quality!

Simply by combining this ‘leftover’ liquid from cooked garbanzo beans with a few simple ingredients, you too can make great tasting vegan mayonnaise in under 10 minutes. And for less than half the price of other vegan mayonnaise!

Of course the fermented mind in me just ‘had’ to make it probiotic by adding our favorite ‘Miso Master Organic Gluten-Free Soy-Free Chickpea Miso’ which lends the perfect touch of sweetness without adding any unnecessary sugars.

It’s as easy as combining all the ingredients in a wide-mouth quart jar and then ‘immersion blendering’ them to a full-bodied cream. The result is a very convincing mayo ‘feel’ or ‘presence’ on your tongue, which I always found was lacking in all of my other vegan mayo attempts.

And, if you desire a thinner or thicker product all you have to do is reduce/increase the oil content. Taste wise, I like using a neutral-flavored oil for the base such as almond or avocado oil. Then for a touch of flavor try adding 1-2 tablespoons of a high-quality olive oil. Health, nutrition and quality-wise, cold-pressed and non-hydrogenated are highly recommended when choosing which oil to use.

The remaining ingredients add additional flavor and help produce a marvelous rendition of a classic aioli sauce which we have already employed in TFC sauces and dressings with outstanding results.

Say hello to vegan dressings and sauces to tastefully enhance dips, sandwiches, salads…and even cauliflower and broccoli trees!

So, fellow Cuisinauts™, we truly hope you enjoy this creamy little vegan gem as much as we do.

Happy crEATing!

Love Liza!


5 minutes

Strain garbanzo liquid

In a wide-mouth quart jar, strain the liquid from one 15 ounce can of garbanzo beans (sometimes called chickpeas) which should yield just enough for this recipe. Or cook garbanzo beans according to the package directions reserving ¾ cup of the cooked liquid or ‘Aquafaba’.

5 minutes

Add remaining ingredients

Add the remaining ingredients to the jar containing the Aquafaba. Using an immersion blender in an up and down motion, blend ingredients until emulsified. Adjust taste if necessary adding more salt or lemon juice and blend again until well-combined.



Serve or use in your favorite recipe immediately. To store, cover with a lid and place in cooler/refrigerator for up to two weeks. This recipe does not freeze well.


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