“F-bomb” Sauce
Bomb your pallet and your "gut" with a triple layer of fermented goodness!

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“F-bomb” Sauce

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Adjust Servings:
2 Tbsp Miso Miso Masters Organic Chickpea Miso is our favorite for soy-free and gluten-free.
4 Tbsp Coconut milk kefir base
1 cup Veganaise We prefer the soy-free one.
2 Tbsp Wildbrine Kimchi Fermented Sriracha Add less for a milder version or more for super spicy.
Or in lieu of Wildbrine, follow our Sauer-Sriracha recipe! Follow our link in the steps below




I’d like to talk about the price we pay for convenience for just a moment. As a busy homeschooling, homesteading, homecooking mother, I understand the allure of convenient, easy to prepare foods. But not when these foods are detrimental to me and my family’s nutritional and spiritual well-being. For example, I would love to, while on-the-go, be able to hit a drive-thru and order soul-nourishing meals prepared with love and expedience. Unfortunately the majority of offerings that fall within my family’s lean budget also come with hefty health and well-being price tags: Big Mac heart attacks, Whoppers of intestinal degradation and ‘Yo quiero taco hell’. For 99 cents we can conveniently expedite our physical deterioration and balloon our dependence on an exorbitantly priced, sometimes antiquated health care system! Fortunately the world is changing and there are signs of transformation. On a recent trip to the food progressive city of Portland, Oregon, we did encounter the nascent rise of a higher food consciousness. There we found entire restaurants and food carts and grocery venues dedicated to plant-based, vegan and/or gluten-free menus! Again, though, many of these, although acceptable on the quality side, came with an urban price tag that would render it unsustainable for our family of four. So it got me thinking, how could I marry convenience with nutritionally rich and clean ingredients? Well, hopefully this “F-bomb” sauce is an answer, or at least part of an answer anyway.

This sauce is so flexible and convenient! It is very simple to make, super tasty, extremely versatile and replete with probiotics. In fact it contains three different types of ferments which will infuse any recipe it accompanies with probiotic benefits. Squirt this on your favorite sandwich, serve as a dip for your crudité tray or top a fluffy baked potato with it and watch this sauce transform any dish into a probiotic explosion…hence the name “F-bomb” (ferment bomb). Bomb your palate and your gut with a trio of fermented goodness!

Happy crEATing!

Love Liza

P.S. Just a quick note about using products already prepared from the store. We are huge fans of quality store-bought products and will support and utilize them when we find that they are a clean and beneficial product. Although it is my primary intention to create as many of my recipes as possible from scratch I also understand how busy life can get…and as stated above, the necessity and benefits of convenience. So when I find good clean products that can be incorporated into recipes such as this one, I will employ them. However, as we move forward it is my intention to share my own recipes in lieu of many of these products!

*I am happy to announce that we now have a recipe for Easy Vegan Easy Vegan Miso Mayonnais  and TFC Sauer-Sriracha Sauce!

*Please use caution when incorporating ferments and probiotics into your diet. For more information on some of the potential risks please read this.


3 minutes

Dissolve miso

In a small bowl add the miso and coconut milk kefir. Mix well with a small whisk until well combined and smooth. Make sure the miso chunks are all dissolved before continuing to step 2 to ensure there are no chunks.

2 minutes

Incorporate other ingredients

Add Veganaise and sriracha and mix again until well-combined.


Serve or store

Serve immediately...or for better flavor let sit two hours or overnight. Store in a small glass jar for up to a week. As it sits in the fridge it may continue to lightly ferment and separate. Just shake gently to reincorporate all the ingredients. Enjoy on your favorite veggie sticks, summer rolls or sandwich wraps.


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Guac-da-Guac™ Guacamole!
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