Raw Overnight Oats
No-cook method of making a healthier, more nutrient dense and probiotic oatmeal.

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Raw Overnight Oats

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Adjust Servings:
2 cups Steel cut oats Gluten-Free
1 tsp Cinnamon
1/2 cup Coconut milk kefir
2 cups Organic almond milk Or you can substitute your favorite plant based milk.
1/2 cup Organic dried cherries This is optional and you can also substitute your favorite dried fruit.
1/4 cup Raw honey Optional and can be substituted with your favorite sweetner.
Chocolate Banana
2 medium Banana Peeled, quartered and sliced.
1 tablespoon Cacao nibs
1 tablespoon Chia seeds
1 tablespoon Hemp seeds
2-4 tablespoons Plant based milk This is optional and only used when the cereal becomes to dry and needs a little more liquid.
Banana Split
1 medium Banana
4-6 medium Strawberries 1/3 cup diced
1/3 cup diced Pineapple chunks
1 tablespoon Cocao nibs
1 medium Avocado Ripe and mashed up
2 tablespoons Macadamia nuts For garnish
1 small Mango peeled and small diced
1 small Banana Peeled, quartered and sliced.
1/4 cup Pineapple chunks small diced.
1/4 cup Coconut chips

Super nutritious, quick and easy way to start your day!



    • Chocolate Banana

    • Banana Split

    • Tropical



    In the name of convenient nutrition I am excited to introduce one of our favorite nutritionally dense and super EASY ways to start the day! It is so simple that our girls have even mastered this recipe: ‘Raw Overnight Oats’, fermented with a touch of coconut milk kefir.

    In my previous diet I had been under the impression that cooked oatmeal was one of the healthiest things me and my family could eat. It is, after all, a well-balanced, whole-grain food high in carbohydrates and fiber, particularly beta glucan, which can help support high cholesterol, diabetes, cancer, and HIV/AIDS. Oats contain more protein and fat than many other grains and are also loaded with important vitamins, minerals and antioxidant plant compounds. If you haven’t researched the glorious oat I would urge you to do so!

    However, to my surprise our bodies are unable to fully benefit from all these good things and oats can actually be harmful to our bodies to process if not prepared properly. Just like other grains, seeds, legumes and nuts, oats contain a substance called phytic acid or phytate which actually prevents the beneficial elements from being broken down and digested into absorbable nutrients for our bodies to use. Furthermore, they can actually be damaging for our systems to digest because they bind to minerals such as calcium, zinc and iron thereby preventing our bodies from being able to absorb them. This aspect can adversely effect our bones and teeth as well as other bodily functions.

    We were formerly eating a lot of oatmeal prepared the usual way: boiling water, cooking until done and adding a little honey, coconut oil and on occasion some cinnamon and raisins. We all loved this dish, but to our dismay the girls started to experience accelerated erosion of their teeth.

    I decided to research dental decay and low and behold found a link between phytic acid and tooth decay! Naturally we made a few changes in our food prep to decrease the amount of phytic acid our bodies had to process. This is a simple additional step of soaking the grains overnight-thus the name ‘Overnight Oats’. Not only does the soaking process reduce phytic acid, but it also begins to break down the starches for easier digestion.

    The nutritional benefits are boosted even more by adding just two tablespoons of Coconut Milk Kefir Base infusing this dish with up to 50 different strands of probiotics turning this breakfast into an easily digested probiotic and prebiotic powerhouse to  begin each day.

    This recipe can be served very simple with just the base and your favorite sweetener. Or better yet you can get really creative by adding many different flavors and nutritionally dense supplements such as hemp seeds and chia for added protein and minerals. Try adding ripe, soft avocado to make a creamy dish reminiscent of ice cream! Fresh bananas, cacao nibs and almonds are a great mix for boosting magnesium and potassium and probably our favorite formula, especially with Candy Apple Bananas grown here on the Big Island of Hawaii.

    There are endless possibilities and as always I am excited to hear about your favorite ideas. I would also love to know if you feel a difference in your body  as a result of including this recipe in your diet. Finally, I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we do!

    Happy crEATing,

    Love Liza



    *Please use caution when incorporating ferments and probiotics into your diet. For more information on some of the potential risks please read this.


    5 minutes

    Prep oats

    In a quart-sized wide-mouth jar add your oats, cinnamon and fruit (optional).Then pour in your coconut milk kefir and almond milk. Cover with a lid and gently shake to mix all the ingredients.

    8 hours

    Soak oats overnight.

    Place jar in a warm location on your counter and allow to soak overnight. Slightly loosen lid to allow for any escaping gasses and bubbles.

    5 minutes

    Flavor & Serve

    In the morning or when ready to use taste the oats and lightly sweeten if needed. At this point, you can enjoy as is or add in different ingredients for more nutritional value and your taste preference.


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