Vegan Shiitake Bacon
“Makin’ better Bac’Un™!“

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Vegan Shiitake Bacon

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Easy vegan Bac'Un your tastebuds will cheer for!





    Aloha Fellow Cuisinauts!!! I am so excited about this here recipe! Actually, Über-excited is probably closer to the truth!

    (note to self: in through the nose out through the mouth, deep breaths)…

    Okay, that’s better.

    Yes, it’s true. I’m ecstatic to share this new (very easy!) recipe with y’all (and yes, I spent some time in Austin, hence the funny accent.)

    I mean, I don’t know about all y’all (yes I did just say that!), but as a ‘Trans-plant-based™‘ diner and practitioner, there are quite a few things me, my family (and our tastebuds!) miss from our former omnivoracity.

    Out of all the meat, fish and poultry cravings, there is one item that I wouldn’t want to be stranded on a beautiful tropical island without (oh, wait🤣 I have been stranded on a beautiful tropical island without it)…Well now I have this fabulous addition to my plant-based culinary arsenal, making life in paradise all the more tolerable🤣. What is it?

    Any guesses?

    Yes, you in the back with your Presidential Rolex-wristed hand raised? Yeah, you, the one in the cerulean blue Hugo Boss silk business suit…with the matching ‘Third-Eye’ tattoo on your forehead? Go ahead…

    Sultry bon appetit voice: “Bacon?”

    Yesssssss! Bacon!

    TFC tell this lovely and stylish mademoiselle what she’s won:

    Ed McMahon impersonator: “An original ‘Cuisinauts crEATe™‘ chef’s apron!“

    (studio audience goes ape-shit!)

    Now, back to the bacon! But this is not your grandfather’s or grandmother’s bacon…

    Nope, this is plant-based Bac’Un™!

    Bac’Un that’s meat-free and cruelty-free!!

    Bac’Un (dare I say it? Okay, twist my arm):

    “Bac’Un that’s better than bacon!!!™”

    (pause for more deep-breathing and a nibble of Bac’Un!)

    The Pane family consensus? This Shiitake Bac’Un is so much like the old kinda bacon that it tricks your taste-buds’ tiny brains into thinking they are actually chewing (yes, Bac’Un has a nice al dente chewiness about it) the old kinda bacon when they are actually savoring the salty, smoky succulence of mycelium Bac’Un!

    Shiitake Bac’un in the case of this particular recipe. Here in paradiso, the shiitake supply seems to be holding up (knocks on wood), but in the name of more Bac’un flavors and in the name of more Bac’un making Cuisinauts, please do not stop at Shiitakes! I imagine there are potentially as many flavor possibilities as there are edible varieties of mycelium!

    A personal future Bac’Un prospect I have been plantisizing about: Morel Bac’Un…Mmmmm, smo-key! But Morels are hard to come by here on TBIH, so I work with what I have…Shiitake!

    So, accordingly, the decision to use shiitake mushrooms is based more on local supply here on the island, but I have also had good success when I made Bac’Un using dried oyster mushrooms, so I would encourage you to experiment with any edible dried fungus you have access to. Of course the results may differ with a distinct-flavored mushroom such as morel, but I think the results would still be satisfying, if not downright phenomenal!

    So without further adieu, here it is, our easy, plant-based alternative to add a scintillating blast of chewy, smokey and salty flavor back into your vegan (P-B) diet. We would love to hear about your awesome results or how you incorporated this marvel into your plant-based experience.

    Cues up “Stadium Crowd” soundbite:

    “Bac’Un! Bac’Un! Bac’Un! Bac’Un! Bac’Un!

    Sandwiches! Salads! Soups! And more! (Chester Pane even enjoys Shiitake Bac’Un simply as amuse-gueule!)

    Cuisinauts crEATe™!

    Love Liza!



    Little Liza Pane

    Liza Pane is an intuitive healer, supporting unique individuality & wellness with plant-based nutrition & energy healing.

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