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Years ago while I was searching for the secrets to a healthy life in this very toxic world we live in, I discovered the fabulous flavors of the ferment world. With a ferocious hunger to feel healthy and whole & thinking I had found the answer with the wonderful world of probiotics in fermented foods, I started fermenting just about everything I could. Like literally everything I could ferment I did and that’s how I learned the name The Fermented Chef from friend that warned “Don’t stand to close to Liza as she will probably ferment you too!” LOL! But seriously my kitchen was overtaken by gallon glass jars spewing out all kinds of funky smells from the bubbling brews of tantalizing concoctions destined to heal my body and make my family whole gain. Little did I know at that time that fermented foods would not be our saving grace mainly because they are actually quite acidic and when consumed at a high level they can actually be quite detrimental to our bodies. In fact we were consuming so much (we would polish off a whole gallon of Sauer-Salsa each week with our glorious avocados) that the acids actually began to deteriorate our teeth!!! It became abundantly obvious consuming more of what I believed was a good thing, wasn’t actually the best for my family’s health. So to the dismay of my family, friends and customers I abruptly stopped crEATing all my ferments so desperate to regain balance in my body. Fast forward to today, a year and a half after becoming deathly ill and discovering what is really the answers to optimal health thru Medical Medium. I have lost 90 pounds am off mattress island and I AM HEALING along side of my family. Each of us including our two youngest daughters are feeling better and can see a reduction in our symptoms. So now what to do about these ferments? After much deliberation on how to proceed I have decided to keep the recipes posted because they really add incredible flavor and if consumed in a more balanced way, then they are way less damaging. I also have realized healing is the path I had to traverse for my journey & not everyone is as depleted as I was, so I can’t necessarily expect everyone to do as I do. As long as I share the details with you so you can make a knowledge decision about your consumption levels. So please sweet soul, be cautious in the level you consume, a little goes a long way as they say. For my family we have chosen to save these recipes for special occasions and once-in-awhile opportunities to tantalize our pallets once again. So welcome to The Fermented Chef where we will teach you to turn the ordinary into extraordinary delights of probiotic pleasure!

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